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What is going to happen to my kids after my divorce?

The end of a marriage brings many significant changes for the two spouses, but it can bring significant changes for any minor children as well. Kids often bear the emotional brunt of a divorce, even when the two parents are amicable. and for this reason, many Alaska parents work to minimize the negative impact for the children.

Child custody arrangements will certainly have a significant impact on the children for years to come after the divorce is final. In order to provide the kids with a beneficial arrangement and provide continuity of lifestyle as much as possible, some parents are able to work together on a custody plan outside of court. This could give you a better chance to reach an agreement that is workable and practical.

Crafting a plan that works

If you wish to maintain control over your final divorce order and keep your custody issues out of court, you would be wise to know what to expect before you start to work through these matters. As a parent, your main concern is the best interests of your children, and in order to craft a parenting plan that works, you must address the following issues:

  • What type of custody plan is right? The custody plan that is right for your family depends on the factors that are unique to your case. It is prudent to carefully consider all options and weigh the benefits with the drawbacks.
  • Are there any special factors? No two families are the same, and consequently, no two custody arrangements should be the same. As you work on a plan, take into account any special factors related to your kids and implement them into your plan.
  • Who will make decisions for the kids? In some situations, it is beneficial when only one parents retains legal custody, which is the right to make decisions on behalf of the children.

In order to make your custody plan work long-term, it is prudent not to allow emotions to motivate your decisions. Focusing on the best post-divorce future for your kids can help you as you work on a custody and visitation plan.

Protecting your kids 

Divorce can be hardest on the kids, but with the right custody and visitation plan in place, it is possible to craft a plan that works for your family for years to come. Peaceful post-divorce parenting starts with a thoughtful, workable and practical custody arrangement.

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