About Asset Distribution And Your Alaska Divorce

When you married, you and your spouse became one household. Each of you brought assets into the marriage and if you kept some of those assets separate, they are separate property belonging to each of you individually. You also acquired assets during the marriage and those are known as marital assets.

Key Questions About Your Financial Status Before And During A Marriage Can Have An Impact On Your Divorce

Alaska's divorce laws start from the assumption of a 50-50 split of marital assets. However, various factors can mean a family law judge will expect to see altered proportions. Answers to key questions will highlight the factor relevant to your divorce. For example:

  • Has one of you been dependent on the other? Spousal support may be adjusted upward or downward from the 50 percent presumption. This will likely influence property division that a family law judge will accept in your Alaska divorce.
  • Did one of you support the other though professional education such as medical school or while the other established a business? Proceeds from the medical practice (for example) should reflect that fact.
  • Do you own a business together and if so, has one of you worked at the business more than the other?
  • Does either of you — or both of you — have retirement accounts? Amounts accrued during the marriage will be considered marital property. A qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) will establish the future division of retirement account benefits.
  • Will one of you be the primary custodial parent of children from the marriage? Does any child have special needs?
  • Has either of you wasted or dissipated marital assets recklessly by gambling or in expenditures related to an adulterous affair?
  • Has one or both of you served in any branch of the military? Special rules may apply with regard to division of retirement assets for military members.

Every couple, every marital estate and every divorce is unique. Discuss your position in your Alaska divorce as you pursue equitable distribution of property. Talk to one of our Texas attorneys regarding property division and other family law matters.

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