When Domestic Violence Becomes A Factor In Your Home Life

It is very common for tempers to flare as marital discord comes into a relationship between spouses or when domestic partners are on the verge of breaking up. Arguments may escalate and become altercations, even between people with no history of violence. If you have hit your spouse, if your spouse has hit or threatened you or if one of you lives in fear, please understand you are not alone.

A skilled family law attorney can help you find the right response to the situation. Domestic violence accusations — and actual violence in a home or relationship — affects people of all walks of life. Every case is unique. A review of your situation by a caring advocate from Aglietti, Offret & Woofter in Anchorage can be the first step to resolving legal ramifications of the disputes.

If you need a restraining order, we can help you understand the protections it offers you and your children and what to do if the other person violates the order. We can file a petition on your behalf. A restraining order can give you and the other parent time to cool off while restoring your peace of mind.

If a restraining order has separated you from your home and you believe it should be removed, talk to one of our family law attorneys. Stay out of jail and get your life back on track. Learn how you can reclaim access to your home and children. Also discuss how the situation may affect your child custody case — and how to protect your parental rights. Even if you did lose your temper and act out of character when you were under stress, a caring, knowledgeable attorney can help you find your way forward to resolve the matter reasonably.

We Want To Hear The Story Of Your Alaska Family Violence Case Story

Being heard and understood is a basic human need — and vital at a time like a family disruption involving family violence or threats of domestic violence. While an attorney is not a family and marriage counselor, listening compassionately is the way we start out in a domestic violence case or any family law matter. Our lawyers are skilled at taking frustrations and fears and turning them into an action plan. Learn why many past clients have sent us new clients by referral over the years. Call 907-519-6605 or email us to schedule a consultation.